Saturday, March 15, 2014

Uncrippled by Idolatry

My isolated roads have often crossed
The trails of steady travelers intent
Upon some vague horizon imminent
Yet always far away, and often lost
To maps and habits of those who exhaust
The well-worn sidewalks. Curious, they went
Uncrippled by idolatry, unbent
By imitative burdens -- at a cost.

Yet even as they left my pace behind
Or ventured onto hillsides where my gait
Would only slide or stumble, I remained
Impressed by what these travelers could find,
And so I did my best to celebrate
Their journeys that too often were disdained.

-- Sunday, March 16, 2014.

1 comment:

Mark Fuller Dillon said...

Reading this now, I see nothing but flaws:

-- "Sidewalks" is too close, in sound, to the end rhyme "crossed," "lost," "exhaust," and so on.

-- The iambs are too regular. Only the enjambment provides any rhythmical variety.

-- "My isolated"!

We learn by doing; that's my one excuse. I keep going back to sonnets because the form is unforgiving, and I need that self-discipline.