Monday, April 27, 2015

Soyez les bienvenus à la tour de Babel, modèle par excellence du cerveau humain caché à lui-même. C'est une réussite, d'atteindre l'incohérence en deux langues; alors, j'ai réussi, j'ai réussi.

Had I been born without a tongue,
Without capacity for speech,
And had I yearned, while very young,
To point at concepts out of reach:

The cadence of a song unsung;
The incandescent leaves of beech;
The lunar skull; diamonds hung
High and cold in winter's niche --

If I had been with stillness stung
And forced by gesture to beseech...

Would my life have been very much different?
Would I be any more baffled than I am right now?

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