Friday, July 3, 2015

Pure of Heart and Bare of Body

Some have said that Nakedness
Is but a prelude to a kiss
From the great temptation-master:
Satan, source of our disaster.
Yet the Sages often find
That labyrinthine Humankind
Is more perverse than one may guess,
And in this blessed twistedness
A truth is found, and it is just:
Clothing is the source of Lust.
Truly have the Sages chanted
Words that cannot be recanted --

As above, so below:
Wrap thy gifts in mistletoe
And watch their eyeballs grow and grow.
But if thy treats are open fair,
Familiarity will glare
And soon obscure their passion's flare.

And there we have it: cloth and leather
Tug the heart beyond its tether,
But a smoothly naked beauty
Bores the mind and most acutely
Testifies that flesh is lacking.
Burn thy clothes and send sin packing!

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