Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Best Advice On Writing

How sick I am of all these books on writing,
Of all their consolations and their lies:
"The key to your success will be igniting
The Special Voice that you alone provide!" --
As if an editor would give a prize,
A gluey-reeking star, with arms held wide,
To any voice that rang with such a stark wit
That it would be impossible to market.

The best advice on writing they could offer
To anyone who dreams of getting lost
Would keep the coins from chiming in their coffer,
But at least would have the charm of being true:
"Stop writing, now. Right now. And see the cost --
If happiness pervades your life, eschew
This wretched writing fad. But if you feel gored,
Then you had better curtsy to the keyboard."

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