Thursday, April 2, 2015


Whenever I complete a story, I catch a glimpse of how little I know about craftsmanship and of how much I will need to learn before I can think of myself as a writer. Pacing a story, placing the reader at the centre of its action, describing events with clarity, economy, and force: these challenge me every time.

By the same token, whenever I take apart the failed stories of writers who know more about the craft than I will, ever, I realize that learning is a continual process, for everyone; that every new story is a test of the skills we own, of the skills we lack. What I gain from this recognition is not humility (which I would recommend for no one) but honesty.

I can only hope that readers, too, will be honest. If you find my stories flawed, unsatisfying, unclear, unconvincing, please let me know.

I'm here to learn.

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